About Chenxing

Beijing Chenxing Education Foundation was registered at the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs in January 2019 as a public welfare platform focusing on education, under the initiation of Professor Gu Binglin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, former President of Tsinghua University, and Director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Tsinghua University.


  1. To actively explore innovative education models that accompany the international and domestic social environment, and assist with the cultivation of innovators that have the necessary skills and competence to succeed in the 21st century;
  2. To enhance the knowledge on different regions of the world, and improve the overall research quality of area studies.


  1. To support China’s innovative education, and promote the exchange, research and practice of future-oriented innovative education models;
  2. To support China’s area studies on different regions of the world, and facilitate talent training, academic research and cooperation for the common development of China and the world.


  • Supporting research for future learning and innovative education
  • Supporting the transformation and dissemination of innovative education models
  • Supporting Chinese students and young scholars specialized in area studies with funding
  • Supporting domestic and foreign scholars and institutions of area studies with funding
  • Supporting cooperation, communication, platform building, and academic publications for area studies
  • Promoting educational equality by supporting education in poverty-stricken areas and providing funding for schools and students in need at the compulsory education stage